prime-cut-poster“You know what Chicago is? Chicago’s a sick old sow, grunting for fresh cream, but all it deserves is slop. Some day they’re gonna boil that town down for fat.”

Welcome to the gritty underworld of Prime Cut, a terrific 1972 thriller starring Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, and a VERY naked Sissy Marvin was an iconic movie star, and he plays his toughest role ever here, as an “Enforcer” for the Chicago Mob.  He heads to Kansas City to get the money that renegade crook Gene Hackman owes them – but instead of cash, Hackman sends them sausages made out of their previous”tough guy”.prime-cut-x650Hackman plays the cattle rancher who not only grinds his enemies into sausage, but sells women as sex slaves, and yes, he keeps them penned up like livestock!

This film is LOADED with nudity, as the drugged women are kept naked in the pens, and Spacek, in her movie debut, spends most the time nude or in a see-through is a scene where Marvin and Sissy Spacek are chased through a wheat field by a combine harvester…take a look and you’ll understand why this is a great moment in action history:

Prime Cut is a classic B-movie: gritty, full of sex, nudity and violence, and two great stars chewing up the scenery.  Oh, and as I pointed out, a very naked Sissy Spacek movie debut as well!sissy-spacek-prime-cut