Yo Brommando!

Tomorrow, October 2nd at 3pm EST, Action Ration invites you to Upcoming Action !LIVE!, a monthly live stream where myself and guests talk about all the upcoming action films seeing a October 2016 release.

Below is the list of our targets, uh, I mean movie choices. The pickings were slim with it being Halloween, so we’re picking up a few horror stories:

  1. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
  2. Shin Godzilla
  3. Birth of the Dragon
  4. Phantasm Ravager
  5. Rob Zombie’s 31
  6. Max Steel

What’s cool about livestreams over regular videos? I have no idea, but you can tell us tomorrow in the live chat.

Join us by clicking this link! (www.youtube.com/actionration/live)

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