1996. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a young boy looking for heroes, and Independence Day was ruling the box office. The hype for this movie was truly awesome, and it delivered. Amazing special effects, a fantastic cast, and Will Smith at the center of it all flying through the sky, shooting down aliens faster than he could fire off one liners. It was a great experience, and I remember people clapping at the end of the movie. That was, and is, a very rare thing for me to hear in a movie theatre.

But (and I hate to say this) a lot of people who are in the prime movie watching demographic weren’t even born when that first movie came out. That means a whole lot of people need to be informed about just what the hell happened in the 20 years since the movie came out. Actually, people who saw it originally may need some help too. That’s why I found the teaser below so fun. It does a really good job of “priming the pump” for new viewers and old, and reminds of those days long ago when I was knee deep in movie hype waiting for that blockbuster to finally hit.

Anyway, enjoy the vid below and let us know what you think in the comments.