By Derek Scarzella

In case you were wondering, the movie Independence Day (1996) is finally getting a sequel a mere 19 years after it’s release. After watching the disastrous live stream I am reserving judgment to see what Roland Emerich and Co. can bring to the table after such a long hiatus. More importantly, this brought back memories of what was one of the highlights of my movie going childhood.

I remember this movie opening to a huge amount of buzz. Time wrote articles about it, the aliens were a huge secret, and everyone was itching to watch it. And then I actually saw the movie and my 12-year-old mind was blown away.

And it should have been. In my opinion, not since Star Wars has sci-fi combat been done so right. Nevermind the charisma that Will Smith brought to the table and Jeff Goldblum’s … Jeff Goldblum-ness.

But for me, my favorite part of the movie is when Bill Pullman, playing President Whitemore, gives a speech to rally the troops before one last battle to fend off the alien invaders. It’s short, sweet, and patriotic as all get out. And it’s just the most perfect Great Moment In Action History I could think of for the 4th of July.

Please enjoy and have a Happy 4th!

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