Number One…Let Me Tell You How This Is Going Down…

Here it is…numero uno. The first and definitely not the only.  And I guess I have some explaining to do. So this first post is going to be me letting you know what this is about.

I love action movies. I’ve always loved them. To a certain extent, for better or for worse, they have helped me determine who I am as a man. They’ve given me examples of what’s right and wrong, what’s a dick move and what’s a cool move, and who deserves respect and who should be protected. All this and much more I have learned from action movies.

More importantly, action films were just the primer. From my love of action films my interests branched out into pretty much all of the avenues that film itself has to offer. Comedies, dramas, Italian cinema, French cinema, and even silent film. In college I took the time to take classes that covered western film in the global context, the beginning of film in the end of the silent era, and learned about Soderbergh and the new film. I’m not a PHD, but I’ve seen it all and then some and got a degree in English and Literature. So I think I know things about stuff.

So what are we going to do here on a regular basis? We are going to celebrate, critique, and discuss action films.

What is an action film?

It could be Bullit, Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Raw Deal, Nemesis,  Willow, or Miami Vice. You see the Sci fi in and fantasy in there?

That’s right, we’re going to go there.

It’ll be fun, too. And it will go beyond “Hey check Angelina Jolie’s boobs in Cyborg 2!” or “Dude! Fast and the furious has cars! Yo! Boobs too!”

No, we’re going to do better than that. Not thesis good, though. I’m not getting paid for this. But I am going to give you all I got. So get ready for big, thick slices of movie geekdom.

The first discussion is going to be about Demolition Man. A classic, and surprisingly spot on with some of its predictions. I mean, for an action / science fiction film it did pretty damn good.

By the way, we are going to judge films by their merit and not the personal lives of stars unless said personal issue is directly related to the film, or making of said film. I hate the present celebrity culture and think it gets in the way of appreciating art.

That’s the only real rule I have so far.

Come back soon.

Things are going to get explosive.

All the Best,

Mr. Scarz