“Choose your future. Choose life…”

With those words, Trainspotting sends viewers off on an adrenaline-fueled adventure through the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland.

As Director Danny Boyle said, Trainspotting was designed to be “most energetic film you’ve ever seen – about something that ultimately ends up in purgatory or worse.”

Here are three reasons that Trainspotting is a great action film.


Reason #1 – The Opening Credits 

The film begins with Ewan McGregor being chased through the street by cops. Director Boyle says the Beastie Boys music video Sabotage inspired him to start the movie with an energetic foot chase – action!

The second reason? This guy…


Reason #2 – Wild Man Robert Carlyle

Meet Begbie, the leader of this group of misfits who can’t have a drink in a bar without starting an action-filled melee.


As he says in the film about pulling off a robbery with a fake gun:

“Armed robbery. With a replica. I mean, how the f*$^% can it be armed robbery with a f&#*ing replica?”

The third reason that Trainspotting is a great action film takes place here:


Reason #3: “The Worst Toilet In Scotland”

Yes, it’s the legendary, filthiest toilet in Scotland. When Ewan McGregor loses his drugs in the toilet bowl, he has only one option:



Now THAT’S action! Trainspotting is a classic film, and these three reasons are just the tip of the iceberg…check out the original trailer and see this before the sequel comes out this year!