I love action films, but they can make me hungry – so what is a movie lover to do? Easy – bite down hard on my top ten “manly” food dishes from around the world.



10. The “Gigantwich”

The legendary Mangtout Restaurant in Southend-on-Sea in England offers this “gigantwich”. You get a seven layered deli sandwich loaded with Chicken parmesan, turkey, roast beef, and ham.

Then you add on an eight-egg omelette with sausages, hash browns and bacon. Pulled pork and cheese are also stuffed between these nine slices of bread

They add in chips and coleslaw on the side – and onion rings piled on top – oh, if you can eat it in 45-minutes you get a free T-Shirt.  Dig in!

burger with everything on it

9. “Burger With Everything On It”

There’s an inventive Japanese burger chain called Lotteria that has what they call “The Burger with Everything On It” because it does – it has hamburger, cheeseburger, fried shrimp, and rib patties, then bacon, cheese, and a soft-boiled egg. The towering burger includes lettuce, cabbage, tomato and onion. The sauces are a mix of teriyaki, mayonnaise, spicy mayo, tartar sauce, meat sauce, and ketchup – again, “everything” the restaurant offers!


mega mori rmane pork bowl

8. “O-Mori” Pork Ramen Bowl

Also in Japan, “o-mori” refers to an extra large food portion. So you can upgrade your regular pork ramen noodle dish by ordering it “o-mori” style – and a real man would order this and dig in.


7. The “Burganator”

“The Burganator” in Toronto has three meaty beef patties served between buns that are actually grilled cheese sandwiches. Talk about the best of both worlds…


6. A “BIG” Hot Dog!

It’s more than a description, it’s the actual name of the company. For $169.95, you can buy the largest commercially-available hot dog in the world – invented in Chicago, where they love big food.

fried shrimp tower

5. Your Own “Fried Shrimp Tower”

At Japanese convenience stores, you can order a “tendon” bowl, which is a mixed protein and vegetable rice dish…then, a man with an appetite can order extra fried items as well…so, for just over $10, you can build this fried shrimp tower.

xxx world's hottest burger

4. The XXX Hot Chilli Burger

The “Burger Off” restaurant in Hove, Sussex has a burger so hot you must sign a legal release before you can eat it. What makes the burger so deadly? It’s topped with a sauce “based on a Piri Piri chilli concentrate.” It ranks 9.2 million on the “Scoville” scale, which rates hot peppers…this one scores higher on the scale than pepper spray! The Owner says 3,000 have tried to eat the burger, but only 50 have finished it.

Be a man.  Give it a try.


3. The “Potato Mayonnaise Gratin” Pizza

Yes, you read this right: this pizza is courtesy of Domino’s in Japan – it’s a potato mayonnaise base that is topped with bacon, roasted corn and layers of garlic sauce.

This is a pizza for someone who wants to watch a movie alone!


2. A “Mega-Yakitori”

Noticing a trend?  Japan loves BIG FOOD. A restaurant in Tokyo is offers a one-of-a-kind grilled chicken called “The World’s First Mega-Yakitori”. This limited edition menu item contains thirty times the meat of a regular stick of yakitori.  So come hungry.



1. The “Monster” Burger!

There are all sorts of “big stacks” of food, but I love the “Monster” burger because it’s a “burger within a burger within a burger.” It’s more than fourteen inches tall, is sold in Tokyo’s AS Classics Diner, and is a “simple stack” of their favorite burgers: a cheeseburger at the top, then an avocado burger, bacon cheeseburger, chili burger and a teriyaki burger on the bottom. It’s all surrounded by roasted potatoes.

A five-burger stack will satisfy even the hungriest guy. Let me know what you’d bite down on first!