Japanese Director Takasi Miike is legendary for subversive films such as Audition, the zombie musical The Happiness Of the Katakuris and the hit-man thriller Ichi The Killer.


Miike has made 102 films in his remarkable career, with 13 Assassins an action classic from 2010.

13 assassins

The Director is back with this sci-fi action thriller based on a Japanese Manga about colonizing Mars.

Terra Formars Manga

Terra Mormars movie

This new film sends this group of Astronauts to the planet to see what happened to the cockroaches that were dropped off there to “clean up” the surface of the planet.  Well, we all know what happened to them:

Terra Formars bugs

Takashi Miike Terra Formars

Yes, they got a lot bigger, and now those Astronauts have a fight on their hands! Director Miike is one of cinema’s most creative Artists, so this will be another great addition to his movie canon!

Check out the trailer: