One of the sexploitation world’s most famous Actresses WANTS to be disturbed!


Christina Lindberg was the star of a series of films in the 70’s known as “Artsploitation”: European films with artistic merit that were also full of sex, nudity, and violence.

christina lindberg

Here are three reasons that I love her most iconic role: in the European Art House revenge movie known as:

Thriller A Cruel Picture

1 -Thriller: A Cruel Picture

Lindberg stars as a young woman who struggles to recover from a savage rape. She accepts a ride from a man who drugs her, gets her hooked on heroin and forces her to become a sex slave.

This leads to the second reason this film is a classic:

They Call Her One eye!

2- They Call Her One Eye!

Yes, when she tries to escape, they gouge out her eye!  Savvy Producers re-released the film in the mid-70’s with a new title, even though it was the same movie.

A long-standing rumor surrounding the film was that a real corpse was used for the scene where her eye is taken out with a scalpel. In a March 2006 interview, Christina Lindberg confirmed this. Yes, an actual eye was gouged out for the movie, from the body of a young girl who had committed suicide.

This leads to the third reason this film is a classic:

Hookers Revenge

3- Hooker’s Revenge!


Wait, what?  That’s right, the film actually had a THIRD title in the 70’s!  What’s amazing is that she isn’t even a hooker in the film – but she DOES exact some incredible revenge against her tormentors.

christina lindberg action hero

Quentin Tarantino, who has called Thriller “the roughest revenge movie ever made’, recommended that actress Daryl Hannah watch the film to prepare for her role as the one-eyed killer Elle Driver in “Kill Bill”.

Tarantino Thriller homage

The film, no matter which title it goes by, is a great action film with tons of nudity – pure “euro-sleaze” of its time from the 70’s, and Christina Lindberg is terrific.

thriller christina lindberg

Make sure to check out this 70’s sexploitation classic – first, check out the trailer: