Director James Mangold gave the third installment of the Wolverine trilogy the same treatment he gave to Cop Land (1997): A man’s last stand against his enemies juxtaposed with a heavy thematic western backdrop. Liberties were taken with the character, but that was expected and forgivable for me. Garnering an R-rating helped the movie quite a bit, though I think they celebrated that fact with the gratuitous prom limo scene. Though way better than the last two Wolverine movies, I don’t think it deserves the critical and fan hype it’s been getting. Some have even placed it on the same level as The Dark Knight (2008) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)! Frankly, Logan doesn’t even come close to touching either film and the ending was symbolic of perhaps FOX finally relinquishing their hold on this franchise. But in any case, it was the proper send-off for the character’s on-screen incarnation.

20th Century FOX UK has produced a brief retrospect on Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine for the past 17 years on-screen. With Logan, the R-rating for the film actually allowed it to portray Wolverine with the full-throttle animal ferocity and violence that defines the character among many other things. Though Hugh Jackman would still have a career, he wouldn’t be as widely-known as he is had he never taken on the Wolverine back in 2000. Jackman along with Patrick Stewart say farewell to the characters they brought to life for nearly two decades. Check it out below: