If you are not a fan of Art School Dropouts that needs to change. They are some of the best people in underground action cinema out there and are friends of ACTION A GO GO.

They shared their latest Kickstarter with us and we encourage you to visit!

The synopsis is below along with the Kickstarter video. I’ve had the pleasure of watching many of their works and I can say that My Asian Auntie is one of the most charming and funny projects they have kicked out.

Momma said, “knock you out!” with Art School Dropouts’ sequel Yes, Auntie! This kung fu action packed 9 episode web series is filled with more kick ass fight scenes, comedic characters, and feel good vibes for all ages! Auntie (Joey Min) and Niece (Stephanie Pham) return alongside crime fighting DEA head, Momma (Legendary Hong Kong Action Star – Bobby Samuels).

Their full trailer for this project will drop soon and you can view all of their videos here:



The full trailer dropped today!

It’s super long and super awesome! Check it out here: