Earlier this month, our good friends over at Art School Dropouts gave us an exclusive look at their upcoming Legend of Korra: A New Beginning fan film. Based on what we’ve already seen from the Dropouts squad, the short was already shaping up to be another impressive addition to the ASDO library.

Well, we hate to say we told you so, but…we were right! Now there is an official trailer for Legend of Korra and it looks fire, water, Earth and air (I thought it was funny).

From ASDO:

See? Fire. Literally.

A New Beginning drops online January 5, 2017. So get ready for a martial arts/FX extravaganza that will knock your Tabi socks off. You better believe Action A Go Go will keep you up-to-date on its action-packed unveiling. lok-poster-finalSource: Art School Dropouts