Directed by Justin Lin
Staring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker
5 out of 5 Arnolds
What is a brand? A brand is a promise. When you see the golden arches of McDonalds, the prancing horse on a Ferrari, or the once bitten fruit on an Apple computer, you know what you are getting. A quick hot meal, a fast red car, and a smooth computing experience. That’s what Universal has managed to carve out with the Fast And Furious franchise. Hot people, hot cars, and crazy stunts.
Just….just don’t even ask, okay?
And it delivers. Director Justin Lin manages to follow up on the surprisingly good Fast 5 with more stunts. More drama. More action. Yet the movie manages to be finely balanced. These 6 mini story lines are slapped together and they work.  The plot is hot mess strung together with a cavalcade of familiar faces from Fast 5 and beyond. 
All the stars, of which there are many, manage to pull their weight. Vin Diesel brings an unreasonable amount of presence to the movie and Paul Walker has flashes of good acting, but, at its heart, this is Michelle Rodriguez’s movie. It’s her welcome back home and she brings sincerity to the role.


Michelle Rodriquez manages to shine, shine, shine….
And the action. Oh. My. Gosh. The action. It got so intense that this movie had me clutching my seat at some points. Was it well crafted, necessarily? No. But it gets extra points for the sheer amount of blunt force trauma delivered throughout. Just….just good stuff.
Low points? Script. Editing. Blatant illogical physics. But who cares? It’s Fast And Furious 6.
What saves this movie in the end is that it goes out of its way to tie up loose plot elements and focus on the characters. All while making lots of things crash and explode.
These sequels can’t be the cultural milestone that the first FAST AND FURIOUS movie was, but they can be a promise kept.
Go see it. It will be fun.