By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

I’m actively working on a piece about Agent Sitwell, everyone’s favorite double-crosser. However, in the meantime, I just had to share this little promotional piece with you.

It was 2008 when Marvel’s Iron Man hit theaters amidst a ton of irrational pre-release criticism. What industry insiders and Hollywood execs didn’t realize (well, except Marvel’s future parent company, Disney) was that the Marvel Universe was a bottomless alternate reality of adventure, character, and charm. To this day, entertainment writers seem puzzled by the company’s success. To those naysayers, I say feast your eyes on the following video.

With this 5 minute recap of Marvel’s “Phase 1” and “Phase 2,” you’ll see a diverse cinematic landscape that naturally speaks to fans of science-fiction, mythology, espionage, comedy, sexy people (sure), gadget porn, monster movies, and disaster films. Marvel is winning because they cast a net wider than any other series of films put to screen. A net that openly defies the single genre limitations of traditional movie narratives.  And the best part is, if they haven’t sucked you in yet…they probably have something you’ll like coming down the pipe.