I haven’t been a Kickstarter believer. Some of the projects are a bit too niche and waiting through a development process to get the end product, if it makes it to the finish, involves a bit too much waiting for my tastes.

But then That_Urban_Punk dropped some knowledge on me with a tweet about Hyper Light Drifter. I am now a believer.

It’s an 8-bit style Action RPG that looks gorgeous. It looks like the indie game FEZ crossed with Final Fantasy XII. Neat!

People have pledged $282,278 to see the game be made, which is much more than the $27,000 asked for by the creators.

What follows is a promo video with a collection of screen shots from the Kickstarter itself.


Link to Kickstarter is here! We wish the best of luck to this awesome team!
Again, thanks That_Urban_Punk!