Ah, B movies. We don’t give them enough credit around here at Action A Go Go. Shockingly successful films like Sharknado (2013) are changing that, but the dirty little secret of action movies is that if you want to get the wildest and most fun movies the direct to video (or these days streaming) market was your best bet. Low budgets, terrible acting, and stories driven forward by sheer force of will.

For me, one of my favorite action movies is NEMESIS (1992), directed by Albert Pyun and starring B movie legend Olivier Gruner. I must say, I grew up on this film, and it’s EPIC action sequences still spoil me to this day. But it’s also a surprisingly competent cyberpunk Sci Fi piece that came out well before movies like Johnny Mnemonic (1995) and Ghost In The Shell (1995).

While it does suffer from B movie syndrome this movie is worth a watch and will kick your teeth in with great action and Sci Fi twists.

So, having said that, please enjoy NEMESIS! The entire thing.

Posted by Derek Scarzella

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