FURY ROADQuality action movie analysis is pretty hard to come by. With most film critics, the best you’ll get is a “it’s a fun popcorn film” or the all too familiar “best thing since The Matrix.” Thank God for Rossatron!

Hailing from London, YouTuber Rossatron dissects some of the action genre’s greatest hits (Commando, John Wick, etc.) as well as some its most pathetic whimpers (I think we were all a little disappointed by Everly). Most importantly, as a developing filmmaker himself, Ross’ really shows an appreciation for rhythm, choreography, and clarity. Something we’ve also been demanding more of from the existing crop of action directors.

It’s a great examination of our favorite subject. The kind that the genre needs more of and the type that we always want to highlight. So be sure to click on some of the videos here and then go to the learning tree by visiting Rossatron’s YouTube for more. It just might make you a better critical thinker.

Source: YouTube