Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2014)

Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and Audiomachine

Activision Publishing, Inc.

Release Date: November 4, 2014

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A long-time collaborator of action maven Tony Scott, composer Harry Gregson-Williams is no stranger to scores filled with earnestness and bombast. For that reason, his music is a perfect fit for the noble militarism of the Call of Duty franchise. After giving the Metal Gear Solid series some notable orchestral flare, Harry Gregson-Williams is now making himself at home with Advanced Warfare. He is joined by Audiomachine‘s Paul Dinletir and Kevin Rix. Doubling down on the bombast and feelings of immediacy with each track.

Typically, the video game medium puts emphasis on soundtracks that motivate the player’s experience instead of focusing on overt themes. Advanced Warfare is no different. If “emotional loops” aren’t really your thing then you may be a little bit bored with Gregson-Williams and Audiomachine’s efforts. While a few familiar cues do pop up (particularly, a sort of “Advanced Warfare” trumpet theme), this one is really all about forward momentum.

Listen to it from 9 to 5 and watch your work day fly by.

Arnold meter 3





3 0ut of 5 Arnolds

Stand outs: “Advanced Soldier Overture,” “Traffic Jam,” “We Are Atlas,” and “Advanced Warfare.”

0:00 Advanced Soldier Overture
3:26 Draconian Dream
6:45 Power Changes Everything
8:05 Atlas
9:13 Mitchell’s Arm
10:02 LZ Epsilon
13:30 Swarm Down
15:45 Induction
17:52 Prototype
20:17 Chain Reaction
22:41 See You on the Other Side
23:21 Eulogy for a Friend
24:37 Orientation
26:43 Zulu-Tango
28:57 Firing Range
31:23 Grenade Training
33:56 Not Our Problem
35:09 Traffic Jam
36:12 A Glass Would Be a Start
37:30 We Are Atlas
38:40 Aftermath
39:54 Battle Cry
43:03 Exit Ride
44:12 Manhunt
44:58 Death of a Savior
45:37 He Knows
46:18 Betrayal
47:37 New Baghdad
50:02 Old Town
53:18 Xscape
55:32 Black Box
56:41 Evasion
58:01 Mech March
59:04 Your Wars Don’t Work
1:00:49 Preemptive Strike
1:01:30 Collapse
1:03:02 Sentinel En Route
1:04:24 Carrier
1:05:00 Arclight
1:05:42 No Soft Options
1:07:06 Captured
1:09:24 Test Chamber
1:11:44 Wheat from the Chaff
1:13:10 Just One
1:14:40 Incinerator
1:15:51 Advanced Warfare