While many journalist are shying away from or eagerly fanning the flames of the online maze called “Gamergate,” David Pakman’s show has become the point where all opinions on the subject are voiced. Pakman has hosted these one-on-ones with distance. Never openly stating whether he is for or against #Gamergate. Until this week.

In the following address, Pakman provides a perspective that seems to want to give both sides the benefit of the doubt and a bit of a chiding.

Surprisingly, the Twitter responses (where Gamergate debates are the most…um, lively) has been mostly accepting of Pakman’s double-edged criticisms (mind you, I’m not really accounting for “sock puppetry” here).

So what do you think? Was Pakman too harsh in his video? Should he have been harsher? Or did he pretty much nail it on the head? Let us know in the comments.