Sam Jackson and Colin Firth talk about putting the fun back into spy flicks.

By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

San Diego Comic Con is a pretty massive event. So it is easy to miss some pretty great panels during the three day madness. Even great panels with Academy Award winning actors like Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson and comic industry legends like Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar.

The following Q and A session was held at SDCC back in July for the Kingsman: The Secret Service. As you can imagine, there is a ton of reverence from the audience for the folks on the panel. More importantly however, there is a ton of reverence from the actors and creators for the more upbeat spy films of old. In particular, Jackson, Millar, Firth, and Gibbons talk about being able to finally experience the childhood joys of playing spies as adults.

Kingsman: The Secret Service hits theaters February 13, 2015.

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