Episode 95 – The Seeker, Brian Saur

BRIAN SAUR joins me to talk about cinephilia, collecting movies and being a purveyor of film enthusiasm. We cover so much!, including: being a part of the film community, the GGTMC, his film blog, Rupert Pupkin Speaks, collecting media like Twilight Time, Criterion, Scream Factory, Warner Archive, Kino Lorber, niche labels, blu-ray, film passion, classic film, cult cinema, marketing, music licensing, origins, film classes, professors, working video stores, the video rental generation, VHS, Evil Dead II, Blockbuster Video, John Wayne, Howard Hawks, French New Wave, Top 10 lists, Netflix, populism vs obscurity, seekers, film critics, positivity, Martin Scorsese, The King of Comedy, Paul Zimmerman, underrated movies, Joe Dante, Trailers From Hell, Larry Karaszewski, networking, his documentary on Danny Peary, Cult Movies, Alternate Oscars, Guide for the Film Fanatic, Patton Oswalt, Silver Screen Fiend, the difficult life of filmmakers, juggling family, time management, podcasting, and how Serial might be bringing new listeners to the medium. Enjoy!

Rupert Pupkin Speaks

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Artist: The Who
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Artist: Henry Mancini
Song: Tana’s Theme (from Touch of Evil)

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