Tonight @ 8pm, Drive In Mob and The James Bond Social Media Project will be watching and tweeting their reactions to Aces Go Places 3, legendary action director Tsui Hark’s 1984 spy spoof. Be sure to join in on the action.

From The James Bond Social Media Project’s Site:


This time around, #Bond_age_ and #DriveInMob are taking you to Hong Kong for the 3rd (not the 1st or the 2nd, but the 3rd!) Aces Go Places series of quite sincere spy spoofs. Why? It’s called Aces Go Places 3: Our Man From Bond Street (aka Mad Mission 3) and it’s directed by Tsui Hark. That’s why. Trust me when I say that no knowledge of the prior AGP films is required.

Still not sold on this endeavor? What if I said the film featured both Richard Kiel and Peter Graves?

Join #Bond_age_ and the #DriveInMob for great twatter on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5th at 8pm EDT when we watch ACES GO PLACES 3. Use the #DriveInMob and/or #AGP3 hashtags.

But wait! There’s more!

After ACES GO PLACES 3 stick around for FROM BEIJING WITH LOVE (1994) starring and directed by Stephen Chow.

For the second feature use the #DriveInMob and #FBWL hashtags.

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For more information, head on over to The James Bond Social Media Project

To watch From Beijing with Love for tonight’s live tweet CLICK HERE

To watch Aces Go Places 3 for tonight’s live tweet CLICK HERE

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