I have to say, the usually spot on Screen Junkies lost me a bit with their latest Honest Trailer. While they seem to side with the Rotten Tomatoes on Kingsman: The Secret Service, I have to go with James David Patrick‘s appraisal of the film. As James put it in his Action A Go Go review, Kingsman is a film with “Too much CGI, too much fight choreography, too much concern over creating a misappropriated mélange of genre clichés redistributed upon dreamy espionage teens.”

That’s a real shame. I was rather looking forward to screenwriter Jane Goldman, Kingsman co-creator Mark Millar, and director Matthew Vaughn teaming up again after they knocked it out of the park with Kick-Ass. Instead I got a film that came off both boring and excessive even by the trio’s standards.

But I’m just one grumbly fanboy. What did you think? Let us know in the comments section if the Kingsman got you there or left you feeling flat.

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