By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

The Internet can be a strange place late at night.

Case in point: During the wee hours of Thursday, in a desperate attempt to fall asleep, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed when I happened across a retweet of this…

sarah o' connor

Admittedly, at first glance, it totally flew over my head that this might be a bit of viral marketing for the recently released Terminator: Genisys, so I clicked on it noting the inevitable Wachowskian irony of the headline. That’s when it took me to the main site…


It was legit. No link to a movie studio, no banner for the recent Terminator film…nothing.

It’s at this point that I wanted to believe I had been duped by some film site disguised as the “Financial Times.” I immediately backtracked to check the source of the initial tweet and discovered that the account seemed pretty legit too. Even further, “Sarah O’ Connor” was complaining about people online bombarding her with Terminator tweets. She even went as far as to lament the death of VW worker who was killed…


I’ll be honest with you dear reader: If this is indeed a viral campaign, it has totally tricked me.

What do you think, action fans? Is this a hoax or is this the real deal? How come other sites aren’t reporting on this death? Is the name Sarah O’ Connor just a happy coincidence? Check out the site and see for yourself.

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Troy-Jeffrey Allen writes about action/adventure for Action A Go Go. He is a comic book writer whose works include, The Magic Bullet, Dr. Dremo’s Taphouse of Tall Tales, and the Harvey Award nominated District Comics. In addition, Allen has been a contributing writer for, OfNote Magazine, and His work has been featured in the City Paper, The Baltimore Sun, Bethesda Magazine, The Examiner, and The Washington Post. Yes, he wrote this bio.