By Derek Scarzella

In honor of the upcoming Fantastic Four film coming from Fox we decided that there was no better way to celebrate than to salivate over Kate Mara  look at some classic covers from the comic’s illustrious history.

The covers span some of the most iconic moments of the FF and I encourage you to look up the storied history of the team itself. The book has had a staying power rivaled only by the heaviest hitters in comics and has reliably entertained generation after generation of young readers.

For me the best part about the team–a group of trailblazing space travelers forever changed by exposure to cosmic rays–is how it captures the love of science and mystery that was rampant in the 1960’s when the comic came out. It’s a team that sets out to discover, find new technologies, and save the day. The team is still a huge symbol of its era, much like Superman, and is always fun to rediscover.

Now the new movie coming out … well, it’s had a troubled birth. Between the silly race controversy and Marvel throwing shade at Fox for keeping the movie rights to X-Men and FF, I’m pretty certain it’s going to fail in the states. Fox is probably banking on international audiences to save it, but it remains to be seen how they will respond. I want to be excited for it, and the film looks sharp, but it just seems far too dour to match the whiz bang fun that the FF comic brings to the table.

But never mind all that. Enjoy the comic covers below, and feel free to explore the mythos behind these works of art. You won’t be disappointed.

























Fantastic Four 4 100

Source: Marvel Comics

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