As I’m sure our readers know, Captain America: Winter Soldier was my jam in 2014. To the point that I frequently scoured Amazon looking for the official IMAX poster (which now sits in my cubicle) and the character posters that advertised the film pre-release.

However, one piece of art in particular totally eluded me, largely because I couldn’t figure out who the artist was and how it was made available.


The poster in question (above) was a throwback poster that paid homage to the film’s 1970s spy thriller roots. As it turns out the artist behind this retro homage is none other than Marvel comic artist Paola Rivera (Daredevil, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream). Now, thanks to the following time lapse video from Rivera, the mystery is solved.

As Paola explains, the poster was based on the 007 poster for Man with the Golden Gun by Robert McGinnis. The bad news is that it was given only to cast and crew members (dammit) of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Which means that the actual poster is super rare and will cost you an arm and a leg if anybody from the film shoot decides to part with it.

You can check out how he recreated this amazing piece below.

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