As a die hard comic fan I take convoluted back stories and origins for granted. I mean, normal people just don’t care that such and such character died and came back, or changed powers or appeared in this book or that book. They just want to know who, for example, Wolverine is. Or why the Joker and Batman hate each other so much.

But now that Marvel has turned all of their films into one big ongoing series, normal people are getting into the game. And they get to cheat!

Below is a featurette meant to explain just what the Infinity Stones are. The very same stones that have been  a common thread in all the the Marvel movies. Despite their firmly rooted comic book origins, soon everyone and their grandmother is going to know what these things are and what kind of power they have.

Now, I COULD tell you in minute detail just what these stones are … but I’ll let the video do that for me.


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