Sicario and Narcos are being discussed quite a bit online lately. And for perfectly good reason. Narcos — the Netflix show zeroing in on Pablo Escobar — is an energetic crime-drama that tells us about the early stages of the War on Drugs. Meanwhile, the Emily Blunt led Sicario manages to catch us to speed with said war in the here and now. The latter does all this while turning out to be the most riveting action-drama since Hurt Locker.

But what of the REAL story behind these two media interpretations? Both Sicario and Narcos may have succeeded in not giving Reagan’s war the glossy Hollywood treatment, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t leave things out.

Over at Vice, a new 3 part series has been unveiled that goes in depth about hitman culture and the cartel lifestyle of Peru. As usual, Vice delivers a fascinating journey (brought to us by Netflix, of course). One that I’ve compiled below for your viewing pleasure.

Go ahead and strap in…

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