STK684828-3It’s the day after Thanksgiving. It’s your day off. Because you’ve been itching for it since last night’s dinner, you stumble out of bed to turn on the XBox. However, something odd happens. Everything on your console needs a friggin’ update! Everything!

But that’s okay. Because this newest update happens to be the BIG ONE. The one that allows you to emulate your XBox 360 games and play them on your XBox One.

That’s right. Gears of War, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, The Sega Genesis Arcade Collection, and that Goddamn Limbo game you still haven’t beaten.

In the following clip, our man at Urban Gamplay has a breakdown for you on all the things you need to know about X-Box backwards compatibility.

Lightning fast and super informative, it will save you a few minutes stumbling around trying to rediscover your old system.┬áSo…go ahead. You’re going to be updating for about as long as this video will take. However, if your connection is a little slow, you can check out more Urban Gameplay HERE.