12308066_10153719185402457_5005670310847764160_oI hate being Rickrolled. I also hate allowing myself to be duped by trolls on the Internet. But, every now and then, someone pulls the rug out in such a clever way that I have to stand and applaud them. That’s exactly what happened when Keith Saltojanes‘ hilarious yet horribly mean-spirited video titled “Star Wars Force Awakens First 2 Minutes Leaked” was uploaded back on December 1st.

As advertised, the video is the first 2 minutes of something “Star Wars,” but the kicker at the end is too priceless to give away. My only hope is that someone actually did this in a theater and that the reaction was 100% genuine.  Actually, my real hope is that you post this video to your Facebook feed without comment. I’m horrible like that.


Source: YouTube