It happens to the best of us: You’re excited about an upcoming game, you’re following its development all the way to release, it comes out on Steam (or wherever), you love it, and…nobody is talking about it. NOBODY! To add injury to insult, none of your go-to game sites aren’t giving it props when it comes to their year-end lists. You’re kind of annoyed by how underrated this game is. It’s unique, it has great mechanics, and you are totally addicted to it. Where is the justice?! Well, it’s right here…


In the following clip, our man at Urban Gamplay delivers a video countdown that throws some spotlight on 5 of 2015’s most underrated gaming gems. So…go ahead. You’re going to need something to play inbetween those AAA titles, might as well go a little of course.

You can check out more Urban Gameplay HERE.


Source: YouTube