Ah, the perfect movie. Such a elusive beast. Some people may claim that Citizen Kane (1941) is the perfect movie. Others worship Cassablanca (1942). Still, some people want to create their own perfect movie (at least in their heads, anyway). And that is just what lunatics at Superfi set out to do with the infographic below.

They look at the notorious IMDB Top 250 movies and take a scalpel to them. They analyze budgets, stars, and words in titles. Finally, they come up with a “prototype” that is designed to be … the perfect movie.

I won’t spoil it, but it definitely gives you food for thought.

Give it a look and let us know what your perfect movie is in the comments!

(Also, in case you are wondering, The Dark Knight is sitting at #4 on the IMDB Top 250)

movies info graphicSOURCE: SUPERFI