If you’ve ever fully committed to a game in your life then you’ve definitely experienced that tantrum-causing, edge-of-your-seat intensity that comes with attempting to beat a final boss.

I know I have.

As a matter of fact, I recall a not so fond memory of desperately trying to beat Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Playstation) for a full week. The final boss: Cyber Akuma. And for 4 excruciating days he trounced my winning combination of Sakura and Wolverine. Finally, on the sixth day, I retired Logan and Ms. Kasugano and went with a more tried and true combination of Ryu and Cyclops. Mission Accomplished. Cheaply, I might add.

The good folks over at FXated have no doubt had similar experiences. Their latest video, “Ultimate Boss Battle – Metal Gear Solid” (below), not only provides callbacks to Konami’s beloved series, but also gives nods to Final Fantasy, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, and more!

Can you spot them all?

Source: FXated