Before he struck gold with his Jay-Z/Beatles mash-up and even before going platinum with Gnarls Barkley’s “St. Elsewhere”, music producer Danger Mouse unleashed this flurry of fiery arrows.

It’s called “Medieval” and it comes from 2003’s Ghetto Pop Life, the first of many collaborations between Danger Mouse and an artist. Here, his initial collaborator is the Brooklyn-based rapper Jemini and The Pharcyde. What follows is one of the best songs from an album that is 19 tracks of amazing jaw-dropping samples and the type of playful banter/lyricism that is sadly missing from many rap acts these days. Mouse and Jemini’s “Ghetto Pop Life” is rarely talked about when it comes to sensational rap acts, but Medieval” is just a small sample of how slickly produced the album is as a whole.