Klippers from director Ofu Obeckpa appears to be telling the classic tale of Assassin and target falling for each other instead of one killing the other. A loan shark plans to have his wife killed by calling upon ex-marine Stevens’ gambling debt to have him do the deed. The plan does not go to plan, and Steven becomes close with his target, so a second more “reliable” assassin is sent to clean up the mess.

Starring Kevin Nash(  Magic Mike, The Longest Yard, WWE), Ofu Obeckpa ( American Made, Black Panther) ,Libby Blanton ( Eastbound And Down , The 30 Day Rule) , Conphidance ( Atlanta, American Gods) , and Robert Pralgo (Avenger’s Infinity War, Furious 7) Klippers promises to be a an action packed love story when it comes to Redbox November 6th.