A fair amount of people dream of being an actor, many people also never see the non glamorous aspect of it, which Shaun A Robinson is showing in his life experience documentary That’s Not A Knife .

That’s Not A Knife is inspired by the legendary Aussie actor Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) who became the biggest Aussie star and set the stage for other Aussie actors to come to Hollywood to follow their dreams. That’s Not A Knife features sit down interviews with actors such as Aaron Jeffries (‘’McLeod’s Daughters’’, Chopper, The Operator), Shane Connor (‘’Neighbours’’, ‘’Fire’’), Christian Isaiah (‘’Shameless’’), and Kym Jackson (Ten Days in the Valley), as well as footage shot from Shauns every day life struggles in the journey to becoming a household name in Hollywood.

Keep an eye out for That’s Not A Knife‘s  2019 debut!