Directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski
Starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Nathaniel Lees

In terms of action history, or great cinematic moments period, everyone knows about The Matrix (1999). More specifically, everyone knows the lobby gunfight and the subway spinout gunfight. But what everyone seems to gloss over is that big beautiful mecha gunfight from The Matrix: Revolutions.

The set up is that the APUs (Armored Personal Units) are Zion’s last hope in the real world against an oncoming onslaught of Sentinels, robot killing machines meant to destroy what little is left of humanity.

“Yeah, so…we’re here to kill you all. That cool?” is what these Sentinels would probably say is they could talk.

And boy is there one epic throw down! When I saw this for the first time in theatres my jaw dropped. Finally, big robots were done right on the big screen, and the Wachowskis spared no expense with an epic firefight that goes on and on and on.

For me it’s the best part of what is overall a lackluster end to the series and history making in it’s own right. For instance, I’m sure after people saw this movie it would be hard to imagine how movies with giant robots like War Of The Worlds (2005) and Transformers (2007) couldn’t be made. While everyone and their mother seems to be ripping off Transfomers style robots it should be this movie getting the credit for bringing big robots to the screen in the right way.

Yeah, this is what you call “epic”.

What follows is a clip from the back end of the firefight, with Captain Mifune (played by the amazing Nathaniel Lees) laying down some hot lead terror on every Sentinel he sees. By far he is the most bad ass character to come out of the Matrix universe and today, on a Friday, he is my spirit animal.

Check out the video below and watch The Matrix: Revolutions if you can.



No caption needed. This is just awesome.