Earlier this year, while recording the Debatable Podcast, I came under fire for expressing my disinterest in the upcoming “Star Wars VII.” Everyone on the show speculated about what the @#$% was wrong with me, but I really think it boils down to two simple truths.

1) We haven’t really seen anything yet, and I’m not about to spoil my experience by obsessing over what this new film could be. Wake me when the trailer drops.

2) Based off the small unavoidable details of the pre-production, this is not the story I’m interested in seeing. Just like with the prequels, I’m not really interested in expanding the stories of these established characters. I also cared about the events after Return of the Jedi about as much I cared about most of “The Clone Wars.” We told those characters’ stories. I can’t help but shrug my shoulders a bit when it comes to the idea of stretching the Skywalker legacy out even more.

That being said, the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels is exactly the type of universe expansion I’ve been I wanting to see since I was a teen: A galaxy-wide war adventure about the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

With these two new shorts heralding the arrival of the series…well, consider my interest piqued.

Star Wars: Rebels debuts in October on Disney XD.

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