Starring Nicolas CageAmber HeardWilliam Fichtner

Directed by Patrick Lussier




3.5 Arnold out of 5

Nicholas Cage stars as an escaped prisoner from hell who embarks on a road to revenge for his murdered daughter. Accompanying him on the highway from hell is smoking hot Amber Heard. In pursuit of the two is William Fichtner, Satan’s accountant, who has followed Cage back to Earth on behalf of Beelzebub.

Released in 3D back in 2011, Drive Angry was met with immediate disinterest by critics. As a fan of grindhouse, however, I think the film actually hit its intended mark perfectly. Cage’s typically off-putting wild-eyed antics is at home in a film that deliberately emphasizes camp and schlock over common sense. As “The Accountant,” William Fichtner’s icy demeanor provides the film with some of its biggest highlights, while Amber Heard evens out the whole b-movie vibe with plenty of unabashed sexplotiation.

Drive Angry is the Ghost Rider film we wanted, and it is playing…right…now