By Derek Scarzella

In the movies superheroes live wonderful lives. They are incredibly good looking, or smart, or powerful, or some combination of the three.

But you know what their lives would be like if they actually existed? Probably something like the images Daniel Picard has created for his book Figure Fantasy: The Pop Culture Photography of Daniel Picard. Superheroes using the bathroom. Strolling through the woods. Doing other petty things like using graffiti to reveal each others secret identities.

The unique thing about this art is that it is not people in costumer, but actual 12” figurines from Sideshow Collectibles that are expertly photoshopped into these scenarios. The makes the art lifelike, but also hauntingly surreal.

In other words … it’s great! And just what we love here at AAGG.

Please enjoy the gallery below, and follow the links at the bottom of the page to purchase prints or the book itself.
















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