The old world died in the zombie apocalypse. The new world operates on one principle: The law of the jungle. Rick Grimes is well aware of this. So much so, that he has made the transition from law abiding sheriff’s deputy to near-totalitarian, borderline psychotic survivalist who wholeheartedly and blindly believes the best of his intentions. He believes that only he can lead the survivors in this new walker-populated world, even if he has to act as judge, jury and executioner among those survivors. The season six trailer of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” continues the storyline of the secluded Alexandria community. Lennie James returns as Morgan Jones, providing an ally and adversary to Lincoln’s Grimes as the presence of both men divides the once-peaceful and blissfully oblivious community. Seth Gilliam’s character doesn’t appear anywhere in the trailer, and given his arrest from several months ago, it’s understandable. Though the trailer gives away a major spoiler, this series will remain a staple on my viewing list.





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