By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

The Long Kiss Goodnight, Shane Black‘s 1996 spy flick, is criminally underrated and all too quickly glossed over when it comes to discussions involving ’90s action films and terrific female-led action roles.

Fortunately, the folks over have not forgotten this hilarious action opus from director Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2: Die Harder). As a matter of fact, they’ve documented every kill that stars Geena Davis (as Charlie Baltimore) and Samuel L. Jackson (as Mitch Henessey) rack up throughout the film’s 121 minute run time.

For the record, # 30 remains one of my absolute favorite movie villain deaths ever. For no other reason than the fact that Davis uses a dead body and Christmas lights to elevate herself while screaming bloody murder the whole time. What a way to go…


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