If you were on a highway in Colorado this weekend you may have seen someone flying down the opposite lane. Normally, that’s nothing to write home about, but we wouldn’t blame you for doing a double take or questioning your sanity after seeing Zak Maytum on his longboard going 70 mph.

That’s right, he hit speeds that high on a freaking longboard (long skateboard). The whole thing was captured by Venom Bushings  and it is just awesome. I mean, 70 mph is fast in a car, much less on a longboard. And as alluded to before, these roads weren’t blocked off, so ANYTHING could’ve happened. While I have to say that is not the smartest way to pull a stunt like this Zak sure does have loads of talent. For instance, I have no concept how he maintains control at such speeds. I have no idea.

Check out the vid … and hold on.

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