For all of it’s fun, bluster, and authenticity, MMA cage fighting is still a sport. At its base, federations like UFC and Pride are meant to be at least some form of entertainment — the fighting you are seeing from these organizations are in a controlled environment with some rules that are followed.

On the other hand, marines and soldiers, are trained to kill people. There’s a big difference there, and it becomes clear when we see some MMA fighters participate in what the Marines go through as part of their training.

In the video below that training is at the M.A.C.E facility in Quantico, VA. It stands for Marine Corps Martial Arts Center for Excellence, and this isn’t Mr. Miyagi’s type of martial arts. While it still teaches things like discipline and respect it’s meant to teach people how to kill an enemy in the most effective way and little else.

The MMA fighters are Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin, UFC head honcho Dana White and veteran Marine Brian Stann. Stann has gone through some of this training before and you can see the respect and admiration he has for his fellow soldiers. Everyone else learns it the hard way.

My money is on the Marines…



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