By Andrew Allen

Do you like movies? Good.

Do you like comics? Awesome.

Do you like your movies and comics at the same friggin’ time? If your answer is “yes” (and why wouldn’t it be?) it’s about time for you to take a peek at Six-Panel Cinema — a web comic project by Jeff McComsey where summarizes some of cinema’s classics in one slick-as-hell six-panel comic. 12278903_10207541779566856_2076418885658567646_n

What follows are McComsey’s takes on “Pulp Fiction”, “True Romance” and “Apocalypse Now”, so give them a look. They’re sure to get your movie-loving tastebuds ready to dive in to one of your favorite classic films.

You can see more of McComsey’s work HERE!

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Andrew Allen is a television and film writer for Action A Go Go. He is an aspiring screenwriter and director who is currently studying at the University of Miami. You can check him out on Tumblr @andrewballen and follow him on Twitter @A_B_Allen.