In the trailer for “Captain America: Civil War”, the most notable theme is division. Based on the 2006 crossover “Civil War”, new legislature was implemented to control and monitor costumed vigilantes, heroes and villains. It created a house divided. Some were in favor of it, like Iron Man. Others were vehemently opposed to it, like Captain America. Inevitably, Cap and Tony face off one-on-one. Like many readers, I’m interested to see that division translated to screen. The first trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” left me waiting for a second trailer to do it justice. It just didn’t sit right with me watching the Winter Soldier and Cap double-teaming a fully-armored Iron Man. Luckily, the guys at Mr. Sunday’s Movies didn’t wait and gave a new spin on the contentious, love-hate on-screen relationship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers that leads to Civil War. Edited from previous Marvel films and the new trailer, they provide a humorously feasible perspective on the conflict between both characters similar to this.




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