Andrew MacLean’s Head Lopper (Image Comics) is a portal into another world. One of sorcery, treachery and dark horrors, where the weak are too often clubbed down by tyrants. Enter Norgal the Head Lopper, stalwart champion of the just whose blade speaks louder than words ever could.

Accompanied by the severed-yet-sentient head of Agatha Blue Witch, the pair embark upon a series of adventures to rid a kingdom of an evil usurper. Head Lopper is comic storytelling at its finest. Clean dialogue and cleaner lines make this deceptively simple tale a must-read. MacLean is a spiritual successor to Mignola with a flavor all his own.

A TPB collecting the first arc is available here. Check it out now and you’ll be ready for more sword-swinging action when Head Lopper returns in 2017!