Diamond Select Toys’ ongoing line of 2″ tall “Minimates” has finally grown up.

Featuring two of the most iconic characters from the 1987 action classic, Predator Vinimates upscales DST’s pint-sized counterparts to a whopping 4″! That may not sound all the impressive, but given how we have a tendency to lose our Predator Minimates behind our desk, this is a welcomed upgrade.

Also, it’s Schwarzenegger and Predator! They should tower over all other combatants.

Product description and gallery follow:

The hunt is on! Inspired by the 1987 action classic Predator, these two new Vinimates vinyl figures capture the hunter and the prey in the new 4-inch scale! Sculpted in the style of a Minimates block figure, these Vinimates of Dutch and the Predator each strike a pose straight out of the film, with ball-jointed necks to further customize your display. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box.

Dutch and his jungle-stalking enemy will be hitting DST’s online store and comic shops later this month. The both go for $9.99 each!

Source: Diamond Select