Fury Fingers is back!

In the following short (below), the folks behind video game spoofs such as “The Best of Us,” “Boom Raider“, “and “The Diversion“, deliver another ass-stomping action orgy! This one is called “One Woman Army,” and it was lovingly concocted in conjunction with the people over at Mobile Strike.


From Fury Fingers:

We’re back with another action comedy hybrid. Featuring your gal – JusZCosplay. She voiced this mother….

For this film we had three main aims:

Cool Drone filming.
Action fight choreography.
Cheese-ball Schwarzenegger inspired dialogue.

Check it out here!

As expected from Fury Fingers, the fight choreography is excellent. But we have to give a lot of the credit  to the short’s star, stuntwoman Daisy Fryer! But every good action star needs a team of henchmen to smack around, and the wrestlers of Riot City Wrestling have lined up with the parkour team of Team Sweezy to do the job for Fryer.

Be sure to check out the rest of what Fury Fingers has to offer over on their official YouTube page.

Source: Fury Fingers