2016 has been an… interesting year, to say the least.

But it’s important to remember that, no matter what, we are all in this together. Also, today is the perfect day to remember that we should be thankful for what, and more importantly who, we have in our lives. Personally, I am happy for my real family and my ACTION A GO GO family, which includes all of our awesome contributors and readers. Thank you. You are all the best.

Also, I’m thankful for this trailer for the fake movie THANKGIVING that Eli Roth made for the seminal Grindhouse release that occurred so many years ago. You know, that time Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino made two separate movies but released them together double bill style? It was a special moment in cinema history, and featured a bunch of fake trailers that were homages to a special, and violent, part of cinema history.

Enjoy the trailer below, and from the whole ACTION A GO GO team, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!